February 14, 2017

Meridiem, our product “Destination Sud”

The end of the season is approaching, but some of our clients are still planning future escapes.

Do not panic! To meet this type of need, APRIL Marine has developed a specific insurance coverage for those who wish to sail in the south.

Before leaving, our sailors will have to plan everything to ensure that their vacations will unfold smoothly. To do this, they will first have to go through the insurance box and adapt their contract for the occasion. Effectively, all insurance contracts have territorial boundaries .
The question they will ask us is:

  • Will my current boat insurance cover me adequately on this trip to the South?

    They probably already possess an all-risk guarantee . The latter is the most common coverage in the field of boat insurance. However, this formula only covers navigation between the 40th, middle of New York Harbor and the 52th, James Bay Gate . So if our insured have to navigate beyond these limits we have to adapt their insurance policy so that they are covered in areas where they wish to go and offer them peace of mind.

    Moreover, given that many marinas have regulations requiring Civil Liability coverage of 1 M $ . They will also have to adapt the amount of their coverage to Civil Liability , as they will certainly resort to renting a dock in a marina during their sailing.

    In response to these peculiarities, APRIL Marine developed the product MERIDIEM
    Discover the guarantees offered:

    • Multiple possibilities to extend the navigation area: Florida , Bahamas , Caribbean , Caribbean Bermuda.
    • Risk protection on shell and equipments .
    • Liability of 2 million .
    • Covered boat south of 40th to 10th parallel .


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