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Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

April Marine, partner of the student association “Challenge Européen – HEC Montreal”

APRIL MARINE is pleased and proud to support sailing enthusiastic students through a partnership with the student association ” Challenge Européen – HEC Montreal.”

Challenge Européen – HEC Montréal, for 17 years, allows students from HEC Montreal and their partners to make themselves known through sporting events in Canada and Europe.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017


April Marine is proud to launch it’s Online Quick Quote Service…

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

APRIL Marine establishes operations in the Caribbean with the acquisition of Intercaraïbes Assurances

APRIL Marine, a subsidiary of the APRIL group, confirms its drive for international expansion with the acquisition of Intercaraïbes Assurances in Marin port, Martinique.
Established in 2004 by Philippe Locquet, Intercaraïbes Assurance is the specialist in the regional sailing, fishing, yacht chartering and rental fleet markets. It recorded €1.4m of premiums in 2014.

This acquisition enables APRIL Marine to set up operations in the Caribbean, in one of the largest sailing areas in the world. With a fleet of 5,000 ships, Marin is today one of the four most strategic sailing hubs in the Caribbean alongside Saint Martin, Trinidad and Puerto Rico.

APRIL Marine now has operations in 4 global regions: Canada (Montreal and Toronto), France (Les sables d’Olonne and Cannes), Italy (Sanremo),  and now the Caribbean.
This new site will also enable us to offer local support to Canadian and European policyholders sailing in the Caribbean, whilst meeting the high demand for boat insurance in this area.

Lionel Boismery, Chairman and CEO of APRIL Marine, comments:
“We are very pleased with this acquisition which will enable us to continue developing operations in this particularly dynamic geographical area. Philippe Locquet is now the Caribbean Director for APRIL Marine. The integration of his teams at APRIL Marine will mean organising training in the company tools and culture as well as of course sharing knowledge and expertise about this very specific market in the Caribbean and about the distribution of fishing / yacht chartering and rental fleets.”

About APRIL Marine

APRIL Marine is the leading French broker in sailing insurance and financing, with over 55,000 policy holders and over 40 years’ experience. The team of 60 staff members in France, Italy, Canada and the Caribbean is attentive to its customers’ requirements and always looking to develop more services to make life easier for amateur yachtsmen.


APRIL, the international insurance services group, has chosen innovation as the key to driving its development since it was established in 1988, by seeing insurance from the customer’s perspective. Its vision is to make insurance easier and more accessible. Making this commitment, which means pushing boundaries and keeping things simple, has enabled it to become the leading wholesale broker in France and an international authority. 3,800 staff members insure, advise, design, manage and distribute specialist insurance solutions (health-personal protection, property and casualty, mobility and legal protection) as well as assistance services, for private individuals, professionals and businesses. APRIL has operations in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment B), the group produced a turnover of €798m in 2015.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

We launched our mobile app.

APRIL Marine makes life easier for boaters!

To complete its service “APRIL Assistance” APRIL Marine just launched a Smartphone application APRIL Marine Assistance. It is free and available on Google Play and Apple Store for everyone.

Thanks to this application, boaters can:

  • Contact the 24/7 Support;
  • View the marine forecasts;
  • Identify their GPS location
  • Follow their course and speed;
  • And call the emergency services (911).

Customers can pre-register their claim through the application APRIL Marine Assistance!

Download our app:

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

April Marine insurance policies are available online

You can now download the insurance policies directly online under “practical information” tab.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017


You plan to escape in the next nautical season. Certainly a navigation towards the Caribbean . Before you leave, you’ll have to plan everything to make sure your vacation will go smoothly.
To do this, you must first go through the insurance box and adapt your contract for the occasion. Indeed, all insurance contracts have territorial limits .

The question then is:

Will my boat insurance cover me adequately on this trip?

It all depends on where you plan to sail. You probably already have a All Risks warranty. The latter is the most common coverage in the field of boat insurance. However, this formula covers only the navigation between 40th , New York Harbor and 52th James . So if you have to navigate beyond these limits you need to tailor your insurance policy in order to be covered in the areas where you want to go.

In addition, make sure to adjust your coverage to Liability In a marina. Note that many marinas have regulations requiring Liability coverage of 1 M $ .o.

The insurer APRIL Marine has developed a specific destination South insurance coverage, « MERIDIEM »

This product specially designed for departures to the South offers:

  • Multiple possibilities to extend the navigation area: Florida , Bahamas , Caribbean , Caribbean Bermuda ;
  • shell and equipment
  • A Liability of 2 million;
  • Covered boat south of 40th to 10th parallel .

All you have to do is contact your insurance broker to adjust your policy. He will certainly be delighted to accompany you on this journey.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2017


Support APRIL Marine is an outstanding service that we are proud to offer to our policyholders. This service has been designed to prevent or provide you with external and professional support in difficult situations.

The Pleasure Craft Assistance program offers APRIL Marine


This service offered by a team of professionals provides you with information and advice on the market value of your boat or on the value of a used craft you want Acquire.


This service allows you to find a tug near your location, Canada and USA . It is available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days a year


Our experts assist you in the event of a disaster. This service allows you to immediately report a claim.

APRIL Marine is available by phone from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 365 days a year to provide you with information and answers to all your questions regarding:

  • Marinas and their services (rate, electricity, fuel, repairs, pumping out, food, etc.);
  • Emergency towing;
  • Boat ramps;
  • Repairs;
  • Warehousing;
  • The Canada / US Shipping Permit
  • Regulation;
  • Customs;
  • Hotels;
  • Restaurants;
  • Administrative formalities (fishing license, boat driver);
  • Medical clinic.

Thanks to this service, we are sure to be closer to our policyholders.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your APRIL Marine Assistance service with your customer number *.

You will find the Assistance number and your customer number on your APRIL Marine Assistance card

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017


During the period of storage (or non-use) of my boat, is insurance really necessary?

The main purpose of a boat is to be able to navigate. However, with our sailing in Quebec being short, your boat is often out of the water. As during transport or when stored during the winter period. In order to be able to take advantage of it when the time comes, it is important to protect it even when it is not afloat.

The risks incurred by a boat on land make the marine police necessary. The most common “onshore” claims are :

  • Accidents during transport;
  • Collisions with a land vehicle;
  • The flight;
  • Vandalism;
  • The fire;
  • Frost damage;
  • Fall of tree or any other things;
  • Damage caused by vermin;
  • Wind damage;
  • Temporary shelter collapse by the weight of snow and ice, resulting in breaks in windscreens, fiberglass …

Caution, some of these incidents could result in property damage and bodily injury to other users. In this situation, the Civil Liability will cover the costs associated with the damage. However, in insurance, we often hear about exclusion! Is my boat really insured out of the water?

Anne-Marie Roy, underwriter at APRIL Marine, replied:
« No surprise at APRIL Marine. We insure the boat, when it is afloat, on land or during transport on a land vehicle. The trailer is also insured. Your insurance broker will be able to advise you of the good practices such as preparation for wintering by a professional and the use of anti-theft devices. »


A boat must be insured all year round, as the storage period also presents risks. Losses are just as important in winter even if the boat is unused. In addition to the risks of vandalism, theft or fire every winter, insurers deal with a wide range of claims.

« Be sure of it – In winter, the service complaints do not hesitate! We deal with the collapse of shelters due to the excessive accumulation of snow or ice, frost damage, vermin intrusions, but the most popular remain theft and vandalism. » The team of experts, APRIL Marine.


Boat theft is very common. This may include theft of the boat or partial theft: boat feet, outboard engines, trailer, etc.
Boats are most frequently stolen when they are on their trailer. It is therefore essential to properly protect a boat by an insurance policy, but also by anti-theft systems such as:

  • LTrailer locks: It is important to have a trailer hand lock and not a simple padlock. The quality of the lock is very important and some brands can be recommended by the insurers because they bring together the characteristics required;
  • Marking of boats: The aim is to identify by permanent marking a large number of external and mechanical parts making resale almost impossible. The identification codes are stored in a database that is accessible by police and insurers;
  • Tracking systems: Different tracking technologies are used to electronically and remotely identify vehicles and even the components to which they are attached. In case of theft your boat can be located anywhere (tunnels, garages, forests and even steel containers).

It is therefore strongly recommended that all owners of boats or watercraft insure their boats, because despite the precautions a disaster can occur and the latter is damaging.

Summer or winter, Whether, dock or afloat, in front of your garage or stored elsewhere, your boat and your equipment at risk!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Expand your marine portfolio!

Do you wish to expand your client portfolio by offering Pleasure Craft Insurance? APRIL Marine can help you.

Expert in the field of marine insurance for more than 40 years, APRIL Marine works with more than 15 000 broker partners worldwide; an essential partnership allowing us, among other things, to accompany the dream of more than 50 000 boaters in Canada, Europe and recently the Caribbean.

In Quebec and in Canada, APRIL Marine stands as a leader in Pleasure Craft Insurance.

Discover the benefits offered to our broker partners…

Personalized Service
Our team consists of 12 professionals, 4 members of which have been working in this field for over 10 years. Thanks to its expertise, this group succeeds at perfectly combining attention, enthusiasm and responsiveness to offer you a personalized service.

Protect your interests and create a lasting partnership
We favour close partnerships in order to promote and support your actions, while looking after your interests and those of policyholders.

On-site Training
To help you develop your marine portfolio and to offer your clients quality service, we offer “Boat Insurance, Methods and Riders” training to your teams.

Tailored and Flexible Coverage
Recognizing that each craft is special and is destined to specific activities, we have designed our coverages taking into account the risks associated and their usage requirements.

Our Products:

  • EXOCET – designed exclusively for sailboats; offering, among other things, a payment for sailboats and canvas boats under 5 years old in the event of a claim*.
  • CABONGA – designed specifically for fishing boats, covering equipment up to $5,000*. MERIDIEM – designed for people who wish to travel south of the 40th parallel. This coverage includes, in particular, a customized territorial extension and the option to increase Civil Liability to up to $5M*.
  • MERIDIEM – designed for people who wish to travel south of the 40th parallel. This coverage includes, in particular, a customized territorial extension and the option to increase Civil Liability to up to $5M*.
  • SENSATION – offers a tailored protection for personal watercrafts and agreed value for 5 years*.

*Conditions apply.

It’s easy to develop your business with APRIL Marine!

Making your life easier is part of our commitment, and it’s for that reason our teams take part in the development of your business on a daily basis. For that purpose, we have designed tools and services to meet the needs of your clients:

  • Quickquote: APRIL Marine has developed an online quoting tool for you that we continue to improve. Quickquote is your private space allowing you to manage your policies with complete autonomy.
  • White Label: If you wish, the name and logo of your agency can appear on the first page of the APRIL Marine Insurance policies sold to your clients. This way, you establish your reputation amongst policyholders and build your brand by associating yourself with Northbridge and APRIL Marine.
  • Flashquote: APRIL Marine offers to incorporate its Flashquote system on your website, a free online quoting tool on which your logo appears. This turnkey solution allows you to increase traffic on your website, to offer a fast quoting service to prospective clients and develop a client database.
  • APRIL Marine Assistance: We are proud to say that we offer an outstanding service to our policyholders. It was developed in order to bring professional support to our clients. This Pleasure Craft Assistance Program includes many services:
  1. ASSISTANCE 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 8AM to 8PM for all your questions on recreational boating
  • A unique claims service: This service is made of experts in boat claims

Thanks to the services and a strong partnership, we insure that we remain closer to our partners.

To discuss partnership opportunities offered, contact us at 1-888-671-3030 or send us an email at

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

THE CHAT, a novelty on the QuickQuote!

To give you the opportunity to get information quickly, APRIL Marine has set up a chat service . You will be able to ask questions to our underwriters during our opening hours (from 8am to 5pm) without having to dial a number or even pass by our reception!

Examples of questions you can ask our subscribers:

  • Has my client’s font been posted?
  • Has the X policy endorsement been made?
  • I did not hear about the request for an expert opinion, can you tell me or is it?
  • How do I get the renewals?

Note: This service does not allow to exchange documents.

To discover the new chat service , go to your Quickquote.And if you are not yet a partner, do not hesitate to contact us to get your access to: 1 888-671-3030 or write to us at

All the members of the APRIL marine team share the same objective of offering you a personalized and professional service, so do not hesitate to use this new tool.

Thank you all, we are waiting for your questions!