February 14, 2017

Home Insurance vs Marine Insurance

Is your boat better protected on your home policy?

Include his craft in his home policy or opt for a boat insurance policy ?

We posed this question to the underwriting team of the group .
Indeed the group APRIL has several subsidiaries in Canada allowing it to insure your property as much in house as in ( APRIL Canada and APRIL Marine Canada). “Often our partner brokers receive boat owners who are reluctant to insure their boat through a boat insurance policy or include it in their homeowner’s policy. For many reasons, we strongly recommend that you opt for a specific insurance policy. ” Anne-Marie, a member of APRIL marine .

With home insurance:

The most logical reason is that home insurance and marine insurance diverge in coverage. The warranties included in your home insurance policy may not be appropriate to cover risks associated with marine activities such as:

  • Boat Rescue
  • Wreck Removal
  • Remediation or environmental damage

Moreover, in the event of a claim the settlement can also harm you with certain home insurance policy. In fact, most of them provide for a settlement based on the actual value on the day of loss less depreciation .

Last but not least, please note that claims and claims related to your boat will interfere and will be posted on the boat. Of your entire home policy.

With marine insurance:

This choice is preferable because marine insurance policy will offer you a more comprehensive coverage adapted to the risks associated with maritime activities. It will cover the boat rescue , l ‘wreck removal , depollution and many other coverages.

coverage is higher than on a homeowner’s policy. This is critical because most marinas require 2 million coverage, while on a homeowner’s policy it rarely exceeds 1 million .

Finally, following a disaster the settlement basis on a marine insurance policy can be measured in terms of agreed value.
Maritime activities are likely to present specific risks, so it is wiser and wiser to opt for an insurance policy to protect the interests of the marine environment.

APRIL Marine celebrates 40 years of expertise serving boaters

France Plaisance was born before becoming APRIL Marine in 2005. Today, Strong> APRIL Marine is the leading insurance and financing broker specializing in pleasure craft, which secures its customers and facilitates yachting. APRIL , an international insurance services group in 34 countries, APRIL Marine Is present in Canada, France, Italy and the Caribbean.
APRIL Marine is proud to celebrate its 40 years of pleasure boating insurance. This is the occasion to celebrate this event and to make benefit to its customers and prospects many games and lots to win throughout the year. It’s up to you!

APRIL Marine is 40 years old, in 4 key figures:

  • 40 years know-how for boaters.
  • 65 specialized in pleasure craft serving customers in France, Italy, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • 59,000 boaters trust him.
  • 97% customers are satisfied.

APRIL Marine is 40 years old, in 7 key dates:

      • 1976

Birth of France Plaisance .

          • 2005

France Plaisance Insurance becomes APRIL Marine .

              • 2006

First insurer to offer pricing and online subscription. Launch of the activity in Italy (Sanremo).

                  • 2007

Launch of the financing activity.

                      • 2011

APRIL Marine is getting closer to Marine Expert (Canada) and becomes No. 1 in marine insurance in Quebec.

                          • 2013

Argus d’Or (Innovation Trophy) with assistance and assistance service, dockside and at sea, 24/7.

                              • 2016

APRIL Marine established in the Caribbean with the acquisition of the broker Intercaraïbes Assurances at the Marin Port in Martinique.


About APRIL Marine
APRIL Marine is the French leader in pleasure boat insurance and financing with 59,000 insured clients and an experience of < Strong> 40 years . The team of 65 people in Canada, France and Italy is listening to its customers and is always developing more services to facilitate the daily life of the boaters.


APRIL , an international insurance services group, has chosen Innovation as an engine of its development. This bold and simple approach has enabled it to become 20 years , the 1st wholesale broker in France and to be a leading player on the global scale International . 3,800 employees provide, advise, design, manage and distribute insurance solutions and assistance for individuals, professionals and companies. achieved 2014 sales of 766.3 M € . APRIL is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment B, SRD).


 < / A>

APRIL Marine Assistance is the application that all boaters need to have on their smartphone!

It is free for all whether you are customers APRIL Marine or not, then more hesitation and download this tool that will be of great help to you When you are out on the water or in the marina.

Discover the services offered by APRIL Marine Assistance:

  • Weather:
  • Man overboard and SOS:


To connect with the nearest emergency services, your GPS position will also be taken into account;

  • Map and GPS: to locate you on a map and view your speed, course, position. >
  • Helpdesk: contact our agents with one click to get support whatever the topic. / Li>
  • APRIL Marine customers can also pre-report their disaster .


Additions 2016:

  • Change the interface and navigate more smoothly
  • Good reflexes
  • Useful contacts;
  • Possibility to share your sea adventures in photos via Facebook or Twitter. 

    If you are a broker, do not hesitate to advise your clients!

    APRIL Marine Assistance - Screenshot APRIL Marine Assistance - Screenshot APRIL Marine Assistance - Screenshot
    & Nbsp;

Meridiem, our product “Destination Sud”

The end of the season is approaching, but some of our clients are still planning future escapes.

Do not panic! To meet this type of need, APRIL Marine has developed a specific insurance coverage for those who wish to sail in the south.

Before leaving, our sailors will have to plan everything to ensure that their vacations will unfold smoothly. To do this, they will first have to go through the insurance box and adapt their contract for the occasion. Effectively, all insurance contracts have territorial boundaries .
The question they will ask us is:

  • Will my current boat insurance cover me adequately on this trip to the South?

    They probably already possess an all-risk guarantee . The latter is the most common coverage in the field of boat insurance. However, this formula only covers navigation between the 40th, middle of New York Harbor and the 52th, James Bay Gate . So if our insured have to navigate beyond these limits we have to adapt their insurance policy so that they are covered in areas where they wish to go and offer them peace of mind.

    Moreover, given that many marinas have regulations requiring Civil Liability coverage of 1 M $ . They will also have to adapt the amount of their coverage to Civil Liability , as they will certainly resort to renting a dock in a marina during their sailing.

    In response to these peculiarities, APRIL Marine developed the product MERIDIEM
    Discover the guarantees offered:

    • Multiple possibilities to extend the navigation area: Florida , Bahamas , Caribbean , Caribbean Bermuda.
    • Risk protection on shell and equipments .
    • Liability of 2 million .
    • Covered boat south of 40th to 10th parallel .


Discover our EXOCET product, a cover specially designed for sailboats!

Dear partners, 

Did you know that amongst our range of insurance solutions, APRIL Marine offers a specialized sailboat product?

Of course every boat is different and has been designed with different activities in mind. It is therefore our duty to anticipate the potential risks associated with them and to propose adequate cover.
The APRIL Marine EXOCET insurance program is designed exclusively for sailboats!

The EXOCET offers guarantees adapted and adaptable to individual needs:

  • Multiple opportunities for Southern extension to navigational zones (Including Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean and Bermuda)*;
  • An agreed value without depreciation on partial loss for 10 years and 5 years for the sails;
  • All Risk cover on the hull and equipment;
  • $2M Liability*;
  • An APRIL Marine Assistance Service*;
  • A Loss of Use Guarantee and an Emergency Towing*.

For more information:

  • If you are broker, please contact us: 1-888-671-3030 or marine@april.ca
  • If not please contact your broker

APRIL Marine team
*Conditions may apply

The word of the Director – Boating season is coming!

Dear broker partners,   

Boating season is  fast aproaching and as such wanted to provide you with a personal message.

As you know , in dealing with APRIL Marine, you benefit from the strength and reliability of Northbridge, one of Canada’s largest insure but our commitment does not  stop here! Our April Marine team is  also working diligently to assist you  daily with the development and success of your  own business.

Year after year, we managed to develop products for your customers. Whether your client is the owner of a fishing boat, a pontoon, a runabout, a sailboat or a cruiser, you will  be able to find  coverage specifically designed for their needs and  expectations. On this note, please feel free to consult our team of underwriters as they will work with you to find the best products for your client. By the way, we also have a claims service department specialized in the boating field.

Our Marketing and IT department are also engaged with the development and maintenance of tools developed specifically for your needs. The QuickQuote system allows our partners to manage their book of business as well the ability to process New Business as well as a variety of other transactions. In 2015, an online underwriting tool was developed allowing you to integrate  onto your own website.  Please get in touch with the team if this is of special interest to you.

Our mission at April Marine is to facilitate your work while providing your customers with  the best coverage as well as exceptional service.

The April Marine team and I wish you all a great season with us. 

Bertrand ROUAULT
APRIL Marine Canada Director

Get a 15% exclusive rebate for all APRIL Marine customers.

Canadian summers are extremely brief; a fact of which Canadian Boaters are all too well aware, so getting the most boating fun out a season is top priority.

We also understand that at this time of year, storing your boat again for the winter is the last thing on your mind. However the question of how to protect your investment when the snow flies is key to enjoying your boating season to the fullest, which is why it’s never too early to start thinking about it.
The Navigloo boat shelter system was developed by an avid boater whose primary goal was to help boaters enjoy the short boating season with greater peace of mind, by making the winter storage question a simple one to answer.

With that goal in mind, Navigloo is teaming up with APRIL Marine, one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, to offer their clientele an exclusive 15% rebate on any complete Navigloo boat shelter system. Navigloo is a simple straightforward solution to your winter boat storage needs; affordable, reusable and easy to install, Navigloo truly is the Ultimate Boat Shelter system!

Look for the discount code in your emails from APRIL Marine to benefit from this exclusive offer; you’ll find the details in the coupon below.

Want more information about Navigloo? Visit us at www.navigloo.com

Kind regards,
The Navigloo team.

APRIL Marine become 100% paper free !

Dear broker and partner, APRIL Marine abandons the paper!

On January 13, we sent you a survey concerning the digitization of our exchanges. More than 90% of you were in favor of this initiative, which is in line with our commitment to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment.

Now the renewals and new business of your customers are available for download from your space in the Quickquote of APRIL Marine.

We also encourage you to choose not to print your documents and send them to your customers by email.

& Nbsp;

The January 2017 renewals are available on the Quickquote!

Access your renewals now by going directly to your font management tool, the Quickquote from APRIL Marine.

Note that it will be available every month and this 45 days in advance.

& Nbsp;

To make your life easier, we have created three new buttons:

  • A hook to know the processing status of your renewals,
  • A button that allows you to directly upload the renewal to your computer,
  • A button to start printing your document.