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September 1, 2015

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Boating season is short therefore boat owners want to enjoy it fully. However, sometimes things happen which may disrupt the fun because bad things don’t always happen to other people. You can also become a victim of theft, collide with an unseen object, or have your boat destroyed in a fire. The first few hours of any such incident are crucial.


What to do in case of such a disaster? Our APRIL Marine Expert, Josée Latour, offers her advice:

  1. Contact the authorities (Police and / or Coast Guard) to get a police report completed;
  2. Take down the contact details of any witness available, if possible;
  3. Take pictures of the damage (Before and after clearing);
  4. Call a professional for an estimate;
  5. Notify your broker or insurance company as soon as possible.


Did you know that an insurer’s overall service is based on their claims’ service? This is why it is so important to find out about the company’s claim process and procedures before choosing your insurance company.



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Last May, Mr. Daoust sustained a collision with an object while operating his vessel. The incident was overwhelming for the client causing him to panic. After contacting APRIL Marine, our team immediately took charge of the situation. We contacted the Coast Guard to have the vessel towed however the boat was not easily accessible as it was in a very difficult area to get to. Everyone involved especially our team assisted until the boat was finally towed. Following this unfortunate incident, the extent of damages were evaluated and a report was completed. Our insurance adjustor was then able to calculate the indemnities payable to the client and subsequently closed the claim file.


This is just one example of the type of disasters we handle on a daily basis. Theft, Vandalism, Fire or even Lightning can occur ruining your boating season. Even when the boating season is over, your boat is always at risk. There are many incidents involving collapse in boat-shelters.
This is why APRIL MARINE offers their clients 24/7 assistance. Did you know that APRIL Marine is appreciated for its prompt service as well as their support and assistance throughout the handling of the claim file.

92% of our customers appreciate the reliability of our services *
*Preference survey conducted in 2014 by INIT



If you are in danger, call the Coast Guard:

  • Toll free (within Canada) 1-800-267-7270
  • Phone 1-613-965-3870


As an APRIL Marine client, you will benefit from our APRIL Marine Assistance program: