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Boat Broker Insurance Partnership with April MARINE

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As a seasoned boat insurance company in Canada, APRIL Marine has been providing premium insurance coverage for boat owners across Canada for over 40 years. The company’s coverages for all types of boats like jet boats, personal watercraft, or cruisers are tailored inclusively, accessibly and conveniently. That’s why it makes us become a go-to choice for boat owners and boat dealerships.

Don’t stay still anymore! Now is your time for joining our affordable boat insurance agency. Together, we can deliver this value to many Canadian boaters, who are indeed protecting their investment.

Why Become an APRIL Marine Broker Partner?

Here are some facts that you may be interested to collaborate with us:

– 99% of our partners would recommend us to their clients and colleagues
– 98% are satisfied with the expertise of our underwriters
– 98% are satisfied with the quality and rapidity of our services

At APRIL Marine, we believe that building meaningful relationships with our business partners is a key to success. With our boat insurance experience, we committed to working side-by-side for lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. We promise to assist our key partners with:

– Online quotes in just a few clicks and minutes
– Innovative digital tools to simplify insurance rates
– Customizable branded quote forms to integrate directly into your website
– An in-house team of underwriters and claims adjusters specializing in boat insurance claims and covers
– Quote requests are processed in 2 working hours
APRIL Academy: IFC-accredited training from our boat insurance experts

Leaving your frustration behind, our boat insurance company will help you navigate the ins and outs of the boat insurance market. So, you can provide your clients with the most appropriate and comprehensive coverage possible. With APRIL Marine, you can be confident that your clients are protected in any case of a boating accident, theft, or any risk of damage.

Unique Services Offered

As soon as you become an APRIL Marine broker partner, you will be able to access unique services that set us apart from other marine insurance companies. For example, our service department offers 24/7 claims support, so your clients can get help, no matter when an incident occurs. We also conduct online boat insurance quotes quickly and easily. Then, the boat insurance broker can provide your clients with an extensive list of information they need to make an informed decision.

Specific Coverages for All Uses

APRIL Marine provides a wide variety of boat insurance policies for different types of vehicles. Whether a sailboat, fishing boat, cruiser, or diesel-powered boat, we can provide coverage that is tailored to their property. These additional coverage options provide comprehensive protection for your clients, including:

– Application to claims (property damage, partial losses, boat damage, mechanical breakdown, etc.)
– Legal liability coverage (pollution liability coverage, property damage liability, etc.)
– Collision damage
– Rental boats, ski boats
– Emergency towing assistance, and more

Our experienced team of insurance agents will also assist our boat broker insurance partners to assure that your clients’ boats are in good condition. They will identify any potential risks before they become major issues. This can help your clients not only avoid expensive repairs and downtime, but also can spend more time on the water.

The Advantages Offered to Our Partner Brokers

Firstly, APRIL Marine has an excellent team of experienced underwriters, claims handlers, and insurance advisors who understand the specific requirements of clients. They are ready to assist you in preparing comprehensive boat insurance coverage quotes for your potential clients. Secondly, we also offer discounts for boat owners who store their vessels in approved marinas, making our boat policy options more affordable than the standard boat dealer insurance.

Thirdly, the company is providing diversification of marine insurance packages. As a result, you will have many options to introduce to clients. Lastly, participating in our boat broker insurance partnership means that you can access the Club April Marine. This is our networking club where you can enlarge your network with current and potential boat owners or boat dealers.

If you’re looking for a collaboration with a boat insurance broker that can provide you with a full range of coverages, APRIL Marine is the answer. We honor the partnerships and are dedicated to growing beyond the target with you.

The boat insurance broker program is designed to help you tailor the reasonable coverage possible for your client, while also helping you expand your business. Learn more about our boat insurance broker partnership program and how we can help you succeed by contacting us.

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