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After all, mishaps can happen to anyone.

Sailing season is short, so we want to help you make the most of it.

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  • 7/7 claims: Our experts will assist you so that making a claim – and getting compensated – is fast and easy.
  • 24/7 towing referrals: In the event of a breakdown, we’ll find the emergency towing service closest to your location.

  • Estimate of market value: We’ll tell you the value of any boat for sale or purchase; we’ll even advise you, free of charge.
  • Concierge service: Restaurant reservations, trip planning, handy marina information, nearby access ramps and points of interest… Whatever the question or need, we’re here for you.

Step by step: what to do in case of a disaster


Make sure everyone is aboard and safe.


Whenever possible, make sure to protect property from further damage.


Contact the authorities (Police or Coast Guard) if necessary. If people are injured or your craft is no longer seaworthy, we strongly recommend asking the authorities for help.


Contact APRIL Marine Assistance. They’ll help you decide what emergency measures are needed and will open a new claim for you if necessary.


Get contact information from witnesses and third parties involved in the incident so you can pass on this information to your insurer.


Move the craft to a safe, hazard-free place. It is a good idea to remove the craft from the water after an incident in order to properly inspect the damage and make sure the craft is safe. If you are unable to safely remove the craft from the water, contact APRIL Marine Assistance. They’ll offer you solutions for safe removal.


Take photos of the damage and the incident (before and after clearing away any debris).


If you don’t already have a preferred mechanic, make sure to find the one closest to the incident or your home. Never have the damage repaired before allowing the insurer to inspect and assess it.

The APRIL Marine claims team will contact you within 3 business hours after you contact APRIL Marine Assistance. We will assist you with the claim-filing process so that you can get back to the water as soon as possible.

Most frequent types of incidents

If two marine craft collide, make sure everyone is safe and contact the authorities so that they can document the incident. You can use an accident report, as most of the relevant information is already there.

If you collide with the seabed or riverbed, or another object, it’s important to make sure nobody aboard the craft has been injured. Next, make sure the craft is not leaking oil or fuel and that it’s not taking on water in the hold. If you are unsure, contact the Coast Guard with jurisdiction over the area or APRIL Marine Assistance, and they’ll guide you through whatever situation you’re in.

In the event of a road collision during transport, speak with your motor vehicle insurer and contact APRIL Marine Assistance.

If your winter shelter collapses, take photos before removing the snow and debris. Before clearing it off, make sure the area is safe and that you are able to complete the task without compromising your safety. Feel free to contact your insurer if it is not safe to clear off the craft, and the claims team will find a solution. If you can safely clear off the craft, make sure you take new photos of the damage caused by the collapse and contact APRIL Marine Assistance.

You could also fall victim to theft, vandalism, a collision with the seabed, riverbed or another craft, a fire, etc. These are just some examples of what we handle each day. Even when the season is over, your boat remains at risk; 1 in 4 incidents happens on land. That’s why APRIL Marine offers you full protection for your boat 365 days a year.

APRIL Marine Assistance is an outstanding service that we’re proud to offer our policyholders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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