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Had a theft? Hit a rock? Had a fire? Experienced any other type of loss/damages? The first hours are crucial. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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Customers Testimonials

“You provided me with excellent service. I am very satisfied and as such, have recommended APRIL Marine to two of my friends.”

B. Dunn – October 2014

“I am satisfied with the claims department at APRIL Marine. I received great service and the tracking of my case was impeccable.”

D. Bailey – November 2014

“I cannot fathom any improvements to be made.  My experience with the APRIL Marine claims services was so good that I would totally recommend APRIL Marine to everyone.”

B. Clark – January 2015

“It was pleasant to deal with you. You made our lives so much easier. Thank you for your professionalism.”

J. Baker – January 2015

10 Advices in case of claims

Presented by Josée Latour – APRIL Marine Claims Adjuster - 15 years of expertise

The first hours are very important. In case of a storm, theft, vandalism or malicious act, contact the authorities (Police and / or Coast Guard) to have a police report conducted.


If possible, take pictures of the damage(s) and the loss location (before and after clearing). Your due diligence is required at all times to ensure that the damage(s) are mitigated.


If possible take pictures of the damage and the loss (before and after clearing).


Try and get a quick estimate by a professional to be able to provide you with an idea of the extent of damages. Don’t forget to submit the information to your insurer in a timely fashion.


Notify your broker or insurance company as soon as possible.


Never repair the damages prior to receiving your insurer’s approval.


If you have a collision on the road during transport, the liability will usually be covered by the towing company’s insurance policy.


If there is a collision between two boats, contact the authorities to have a police report completed. You can use an accident form and the majority of the relevant information will already be provided.


If you have a collision with a rock or an object in the water, make sure that your boat is not leaking oil and/or fuel or that the vessel is filling up with water. If there are any doubts, please contact a towing company and take your boat out of the water as soon as possible.


In case of a winter shelter collapse, take pictures prior to removing any snow and debris. Pictures should also be taken after the fact. Don’t forget to contact the insurer.