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What Is the Best Insurance for My Boat?

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Are you the proud owner of a boat who is looking for the best boat insurance company coverage? Pleasure craft, fishing boats, sailboats, Sea-Doos… Discover our article to support you in this important search!

How to choose the best insurance for your boat

To choose your insurance, it is first necessary to know the different types of boat insurance policies. Civil liability or comprehensive coverage? Discover these two types of boat insurance as well as their terms and conditions.

Civil liability

First, civil liability coverage allows the insured to protect themselves from the damage that they might cause to a third party (natural person, another boat, etc.) thanks to a civil liability guarantee.

However, most boat insurers include some additional coverage in their third-party formula for the boater safety (criminal defence, wreck removal and environmental damage, etc.).

Comprehensive boat insurance

As for comprehensive boat insurance, this has a more secure and complete contract than civil liability. Indeed, this type of coverage provides compensation against different types of claims: theft, loss, physical damages, bodily injury, etc. This is the best boat insurance to protect you as much as possible.

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What type of boat do you need to insure?

Did you know? The Insurers Act does not legally require you to insure your motorboat, sailboat, or Sea-Doo. However, if you are responsible for a claim involving your boat, and you are an uninsured or under insured boater, you should know that you will have to compensate the victims yourself, like medical expenses. It is therefore strongly recommended to take out boat insurance. In addition, there is an important subtlety: if your boat is moored at a marina, civil liability insurance coverage is required.


It is therefore necessary to insure yourself. To start, taking out a marine insurance policy seems obvious if you own a power boat. This will allow you to offset the costs of marine assistance (such as emergency towing), salvage, legal representation, and wreck removal. By choosing the most extensive guarantee, you will be able to save a great deal of money in the event of the total loss of the boat and any damage that might occur, like storm damage or vermin damage.


As a sailboat owner, it is important to be aware of the risk of damage that may occur whether you are participating in a regatta or simply enjoying a leisurely trip on a lake, stream, or river. Incidents such as mechanical breakdowns, theft, boating accidents, and shipwrecks can all pose a significant threat to your sailboat. To safeguard yourself against these potential risks, it is essential to obtain a marine insurance policy.

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What is the budget for your boat insurance?

What budget should you set aside for your boating insurance? This depends on many factors that must be taken into account:

– The age of the boat
– Its value or its actual cash value
– The speed/power of the boat
– The length
– Its condition: does it meet the standards in effect at the time it was built?
– The type of boat: is it a fishing boat, pleasure craft, sailboat, Sea-Doo, jet boats etc.?
– Its manufacture: is it an artisanal boat?

In order to offer you the best boat policy for your needs, insurers consider all these factors, so you should choose the type of insurance that will cover your needs.

The cost of boat insurance premiums varies greatly on the market, even for the same level of insurance coverage. You can also take out annual insurance if you want to save money.

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Your online insurance with APRIL Marine

Do you need to take out sailboat insurance or insure your motorboat or Sea-Doo? Or insure any other specific use? Whatever type of personal watercraft you have, all you have to do is check your insurance online with APRIL Marine.

7 advantages of going through APRIL Marine

Why choose APRIL Marine for your boat insurance coverage?

  1. A leader in its field in Quebec
  2. Insurers specializing in insurance with a wide range of pleasure craft
  3. Over 40 years of experience and expertise
  4. Customer support: your satisfaction is our priority!
  5. Winner of the “Excellence in Claims Service” awards in 2021 and “Digital Innovation” awards in 2022
  6. More than 100,000 boater customers worldwide have chosen our boating service to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water
  7. A team that is not only expert, but—above all—passionate and dynamic!

Whatever your boat model, our insurance products are accessible in just a few clicks!

Do you want a boat insurance quote? Our experts will be pleased to respond to you quickly. Don’t hesitate to submit your quote request online!

It usually only takes a few minutes to obtain a personalized quote for the desired level of coverage for your personal watercraft insurance.

You simply need to provide the following basic information to receive your boat insurance quote: boat model, brand, type of use, navigational limits, the desired guarantees, etc. Of course, you can contact us by phone or online.

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