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Jet skis Insurance: The details of your contact

Whether you are a novice or an experienced operator, we will find the best insurance solution for your jet ski to accompany and protect you throughout your journey with customized guarantees at competitve rates. 

Is included
  • Agreed value for 5 years

    This is the value of the insured vessel determined by mutual agreement between the Insured and the Insurer. After five years of age, your vessel will be insured at the value on the date of the loss.

  • No deductible in case of total loss

    Following a disaster where your boat is damaged and can no longer be utilized, you will not have to pay the deductible required by the contract. This condition will not apply in the event of a theft.

  • Southern Destinations

    APRIL Marine offers multiple possibilities of extensions for navigational areas in the south.
    (Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda)

  • Liability can be increased up to $ 5M

    You are not legally obligated to insure your vessel by law however the law does constitute that everyone has the duty not to harm others. In the event of an accident, you may run the risk of paying bodily injury damages throughout the rest of your life.
    * Insurance is an import aspect of life. For example, in the event of a total theft, you want to ensure you have the best coverage protecting your assets. At APRIL Marine insurance, we not only protect your assets, but we also protect your family’s welfare as well the welfare of others by offering you a liability limit to meet your requirements.

  • Assistance

    7/7 days from 8am to 8pm. Our team offers you information and expert advice on marine related issues as well as your daily activities.
    Looking for a marina, restaurant or other?

    Our agents will advise you and put you in touch with the experts.

  • The resale value assessment service*

  • A 24/7 Boat Towing contact

  • Fast Claims Service

  • A free Mobile APP “APRIL Marine Assistance” available to all!

    • View marine forecasts
    • Identify your GPS localisation
    • Follow your course and speed
    • Call emergency services (911)
    • Pre-report a claim