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Power Boats Insurance: The details of your contact

Whether you enjoy fishing, adventure, speed, pleasure or entertainment, we find the best solution for boat insurance to accompany and protect you with customized guarantees and competitive rates.

Is included
  • Fishing and water sport equipment covered

    Your fishing equipment and water sports equipment are covered up to $ 5,000*

    • Fishing rods
    • Fishing boxes
    • Tackle boxes
    • Fishing nets
    • Handreels
    • Downriggers
    • Water skis
    • Inflatable objects
    • Wakeboarding
    • Neoprene suits
  • Transfer of liability

    Following a covered loss while your boat is in repair, a boat will be provided to you by your dealer and APRIL Marine will offer a transfer of liability on that boat. 

  • Rental of a replacement boat

    The season is short! Rental of a replacement boat (same type) during necessary repairs following a loss covered by the policy (amount agreed upon with the insurer).

  • In case of total loss

    10% increase on the market value in case of a total loss.

  • Assistance

    7/7 days from 8am to 8pm. Our team offers you information and expert advice on marine related issues as well as your daily activities.

    Looking for a marina, restaurant or other?
    Our agents will advise you and put you in touch with the experts.

  • The resale value assessment service*

  • A 24/7 Boat Towing referencement

  • Fast Claims Service

  • A free Mobile APP “APRIL Marine Assistance” available to all!

    • View marine forecasts
    • Identify your GPS localisation
    • Follow your course and speed
    • Call emergency services (911)
    • Pre-report a claim