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Club APRIL Marine Academy, the new 100% online nautical training platform

Club APRIL Marine, a major player in the boating industry in Ontario and Quebec, has always been committed to simplifying the lives of its members, offering them unique services and benefits and committing to making boating safer and more responsible. To ensure your safety while sailing, take advantage of Club APRIL Marine Academy, the new exclusive 100% online nautical training service.

Why should you train?

  • Do you sail a few days a year and want to brush up on the basics of boating safety?
  • Are you a new owner and want to learn how to use your boat better?
  • Are you about to embark on a long journey with your boat, and would you like to improve your skills?
  • Are you a skipper who wants to help your crew adopt the right techniques?

Our training program are unique and can be adapted to suit all types of sailor (experienced skipper, new sailor, crew, etc.). Whatever your experience, it’s easy to get the training you need.

A unique service

To continue its commitment to safer, more responsible boating both on and off the water, Club APRIL Marine is once again opting for innovation and offering its members a service that is quite unique: Club APRIL Marine Academy. This 100% online platform will enable members to develop their nautical knowledge faster through nautical training courses available nowhere else.

100% online nautical training platform
Training program for everyone: beginners to experts
Exclusive to Club APRIL Marine

What is Club APRIL Marine Academy?

  • 3 training programs prepared by professionals: powerboats, monohull and multihull sailboats;
  • Progressive levels tailored to your skills and needs;
  • Over 100 topics covered: onboard equipment and safety, preparation and sailing techniques, boat maintenance, etc.;
  • 300+ learning videos ;
  • Over 100 manoeuvres in port or underway;
  • 150+ summary sheets to download ;
  • Quizzes and tests to test your knowledge.

A 100% online service, offered through your Club APRIL Marine membership

Whether you’re new to sailing, a skipper or a more or less experienced crew member, whether you’re sailing inshore or offshore, you need to be responsible for safety on board. Club APRIL Marine Academy is designed to make sailing safer and help your crew adopt the right techniques:

  1. Accelerate your experience,
  2. Review the fundamentals of sailing,
  3. Improve your nautical skills.

This new service, worth $500, is offered to you entirely free of charge with your Club APRIL Marine membership and is included throughout the lifetime of your boating insurance policy with APRIL Marine.

This training program makes it easy to learn, at any time, from the comfort of your sofa or even on the water.

From the secure web app, you can access training courses tailored to the needs, level and boat of the pleasure boaters, and designed by sailing enthusiasts who are professionals in the use of digital tools.

How do I log in?

For your first connection:

To access Club APRIL Marine Academy and many other benefits, simply create your account in the Club APRIL Marine Member Space: it’s easy and free! All you need is the following information:

  • Your boat insurance policy number
  • The date of birth as shown on your insurance policy (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • An email address of your choice

Click here to create your account:

What happens next?

You can access Club APRIL Marine Academy at any time directly from your Member Space.

When can I access my Club APRIL Marine Academy platform?

To access the Club APRIL Marine Academy service, you must be a member of Club APRIL Marine and therefore have a current APRIL Marine boat insurance policy. The training platform will be accessible from the effective date of the insurance policy. Once your account has been created on your Club APRIL Marine Member Space, you can access your nautical training platform at any time. Valued at $500, Club APRIL Marine Academy is offered to you free of charge.

What if I own a personal watercraft?

Current Club APRIL Marine Academy training courses cover three types of boat: powerboats, monohull sailing boats and multihull sailing boats. Access to the platform is therefore available to owners of these types of boats, and a member with only an APRIL Marine-protected personal watercraft will not currently have access to Club APRIL Marine Academy. However, we are planning to develop training courses for personal watercraft in the near future. Stay tuned to our communications for developments on the platform!

I’ve taken the training courses that correspond to my level of experience and type of boat: why should I keep logging in?

The courses offered on the platform are constantly evolving. You will find permanent reading lists, but also seasonal reading lists, available for two months only. Permanent content is also added to and updated regularly. In this way, you can continue to progress and improve your nautical skills.

What’s more, for every course you complete, you will receive a certificate of completion, which could give you a discount on your boat insurance renewal.

Can I give access to my friends and family?

As skipper, you can give access to your crew (spouse, children, friends, etc.). We strongly encourage you to share your access to the platform with all the people likely to sail on your boat: they will then be able to follow the same training courses as you, for safe outings on the water.

Save money on your boat insurance

Complete a training programme and obtain a certificate of achievement to benefit from a discount on the renewal of your APRIL Marine boat insurance policy.

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