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IBC Awards 2023: Excellence in Philanthropy and Community Service

APRIL Marine is proud to be among the 2023 finalists for Insurance Business Canada’s prestigious “Excellence in Philanthropy and Community Service” awards.

Each year, the magazine celebrates the industry’s most outstanding players in terms of achievement, innovation and leadership. Finalists are selected by an independent panel of judges made up of industry experts. The winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony on November 16.

At APRIL Marine, our main aim is to work towards safer and more responsible boating, both on and off the water. With this in mind, APRIL Marine’s CSR approach is based on 4 pillars:

  • Well-being at work
  • Local action and solidarity
  • Safety on the water
  • Awareness of eco-pleasure

1. Well-being at work

To provide a healthy working environment and to ensure that our employees are fulfilled and committed, we have put in place a number of working policies:

  • 4-day weeks offered to all employees, all year round
  • A hybrid working arrangement, with 2 days in the office and 2 days teleworking
  • Exceptional team-building events during the summer: watercraft rides, fishing tournaments, regattas or shows on the water
  • 3 extra days off per year in addition to the usual holidays and bank holidays: December 24th and 31st and birthday leave
  • 1 day free for a volunteering activity of your choice

2. Local action and solidarity

For many years, we have supported initiatives that promote good boating practice in Canada, from organisations for young people to water therapies: women’s regattas, ride for autism, treatment of eating disorders through water-based activities among other causes:

  • Ride for autism
  • Croisière des Alizées
  • Femina Cup
  • Fish n Fils
  • Defi Kayak Desgagnés

We’ve contributed around $15,000 in the last 18 months for such causes.

3. Safety on the water

As a long-standing partner of the Canadian Coast Guard, we offer a number of boating safety training courses to our policyholders. In order to reach as many people as possible in the digital age, we have just launched the Club APRIL Marine Academy: an online nautical training platform to perfect navigation skills from home and at your own pace. Valued at $500 per user, this innovative tool is offered free of charge to policyholders, giving them the keys to safe and responsible boating.

4. Awareness of eco-pleasure

Because waterways are a playground in perpetual danger, it is our duty to respect and preserve them. That’s why APRIL Marine has been the main sponsor since 2020 of Mission 1000 tonnes, an organisation that has set itself the goal of cleaning up 1,000 tonnes of rubbish from Canada’s shorelines. To support this mission, $1 is deducted from each insurance premium and donated to Mission 1000 tonnes, a total of more than $50,000 per year. With more than 2,500 clean-ups carried out and 300 tonnes of waste collected, the organisation relies on the invaluable support of APRIL Marine to complete its mission. Our teams also get involved, taking part in waste collections every year.

By promoting safe and responsible navigation through our websites and social feeds, we’ve helped the boaters’ community become more aware of their impact on the environment and on others. Our teams have been personally involved in a dozen clean-ups over the past 3 years in Ontario and Quebec, with more than 3 tonnes of waste cleaned up in the company of policyholders and broker partners. We’ve also made an impact internationally, with APRIL Marine teams in France and the Caribbean joining our cause.

Waterways are a favourite playground for our policyholders, so it’s important for us to help protect them if we want to continue to enjoy them. Respect for the environment is therefore a major focus of our responsible commitment, which we pass on to our teams, customers and partners on a daily basis. Far more meaningful than green washing and more impactful than a simple monetary contribution, it is important for APRIL Marine and each member of its teams to get personally involved and contribute to the collection of waste each year. During these events, which are offered on a voluntary basis, almost 100% of our staff take part: a great source of pride for us.

We are frequently congratulated and thanked by boaters and more and more members take part in these clean-ups every year!

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