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Pleasure Craft Insurance

pleasure craft insurance

Have you finally found your dream boat? Whether it’s your first personal watercraft or you’re already familiar with boating, it’s never too late to do business with the pleasure craft insurance specialists in Quebec. Whatever the type of boat in question, get a quote for our online pleasure craft insurance today!

Importance of insuring your pleasure boat

It is important to work with the experts in the field, when it comes to insuring your pleasure boat! After all, your boat is your home on the water, and as captain, you have to protect it as you would your home!

Shopping for insurance for a pleasure craft is as important as for a home. Indeed, the chances of life at on a lake, or on a river are quite varied depending on the weather and climate changes..

Which type of pleasure craft do you want to cover?

We have pleasure boat insurance tailored for all types of watercraft. By having a pleasure craft insurance online, you will receive a quote quickly.

One of our dedicated partner brokers will take the time to explain the details and protection of your coverage for damages for all types of boats. Their priority is to answer all of your questions and give you advice for additional protection.

APRIL Marine wants your trips on the water to flow smoothly, for you to be reassured when you raise anchor, and for you to be able to enjoy your nautical outing with total peace of mind.

Boats covered by our online pleasure craft insurance

Personal and property coverage

Climate is strongly involved in damaging boats, such as storm damage. We offer complete insurance coverage in the event of a claim. The other types of events which should be carefully considered as an owner are:

  • Physical injuries
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Accidents
  • Fires

Additional information for maximum peace of mind

Good insurance is just one part of the protection you need while sailing, and even while moored. Below, you will find more resources that will help you protect your family, your friends, and yourself, as well as your boat.

Tips for protecting your boat in the winter

Covering your boat for the winter is essential to keep it in good condition. Whether you want to protect it all winter long or you want to be able to uncover it quickly to go sailing in the off season, we have some helpful tips and tricks for winterizing your boat effectively.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Canadian Collision Regulations. The federal government provides all boat captains with crucially important rules to prevent accidents and collisions between boats and therefore physical and material damage.

We take care of all aspects of your protection

We understand that the service provided during your claim declaration is very important to bring you peace of mind during this stressful time.—that is why our experts offer you personalized support to your experience that brings together a number of essential points. Our friendly customer service agents and claims adjusters are trained to take care of every detail in the event of a claim.

The 3 services offered for your safety and that of your boat.

We make sure that you know all the steps to be followed in the event of a claim

APRIL Marine is an insurance company which is available at 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Thursday and Friday by phone at 1-866-683-6521.

Enhance your experience on the water thanks to APRIL Marine

  • With APRIL Marine Assistance, you have access to a concierge service (planning and information about marinas, restaurants, excursions, and points of interest).
  • Join Club APRIL Marine and be part of the largest boating community in Ontario and Quebec with 45,000 members.
  • Our blog is constantly replenished with articles dealing with subjects that are both technical and fun.

Finally, it should be added that APRIL Marine, a specialized insurer, has forty years of experience in pleasure craft insurance. We take your physical, material, and financial security seriously. We’re passionate about seeing our members sailing carefree and enjoying all their moments of relaxation on the water to the fullest as boat owners!

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