February 14, 2017

Get a 15% exclusive rebate for all APRIL Marine customers.

Canadian summers are extremely brief; a fact of which Canadian Boaters are all too well aware, so getting the most boating fun out a season is top priority.

We also understand that at this time of year, storing your boat again for the winter is the last thing on your mind. However the question of how to protect your investment when the snow flies is key to enjoying your boating season to the fullest, which is why it’s never too early to start thinking about it.
The Navigloo boat shelter system was developed by an avid boater whose primary goal was to help boaters enjoy the short boating season with greater peace of mind, by making the winter storage question a simple one to answer.

With that goal in mind, Navigloo is teaming up with APRIL Marine, one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, to offer their clientele an exclusive 15% rebate on any complete Navigloo boat shelter system. Navigloo is a simple straightforward solution to your winter boat storage needs; affordable, reusable and easy to install, Navigloo truly is the Ultimate Boat Shelter system!

Look for the discount code in your emails from APRIL Marine to benefit from this exclusive offer; you’ll find the details in the coupon below.

Want more information about Navigloo? Visit us at www.navigloo.com

Kind regards,
The Navigloo team.

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